Thursday, May 21, 2015

I wish I saw stars

spinning and twirling my yellow dress flows,

you called me the sun,

i called you mine.

you're eyes were only meteors when i first met them,

but honey, 

they quickly turned into stars.

remember the time we went to space?

you told me that the sun was the only thing keeping this solar system alive,

i blushed.

you told me that when the other planets lose their way,

they revert back to fire.

we had fire, but it gone blown out in the night.

you had fire and it was in your heart

but it's in your eyes,

and the last time we talked i saw flames. 

i don't know if the milky way looks a little more like tequila now,

or if the moon took over your solar system

 but gosh dammit.

the moon must've taken over your solar system

cause baby,

I only see black in your eyes.

my dress is still yellow and hers is gray

hers is gray 

and your eyes are black.

i've always thought gray and black were too neutral.

my dress doesn't impress you anymore, but you told me i'd always be your favorite color.

maybe it's only because the universe used to spin around yellow.

i'm scared for the solar system,

but I'm tired of competing with the moon.

every 11:11 wish i'm praying for a new star.

remember when you had stars in your eyes?

the sun still shines but the moon has more hours during the day.

the moon took over your universe,

and i knew that as i looked into your eyes,

i must've wished upon too many stars.


  1. I loved this. So beautiful, simple and just so colorful. Thank you for this post.

  2. "my dress doesn't impress you anymore, but you told me i'd always be your favorite color." #stolen

  3. LAST LINE. This piece was so visual and cool and I loved it

  4. This was cool I loved it when you performed it. I can see it oh so so good chills.

  5. okay wait same line as Nelson. you are too cool, this is too good, and I have a high school diploma but I still can't come up with all these lines.